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Roki / 35 / Female / Illinois

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Hey There

Just wanted to say, here I am. I will probably be really slow at posting because I am generally terrible about it anymore. But hi. How are you? Also I just realized I haven't been tagging things properly. I am an idiot. Oops.

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Pony plushes?

Anyone interested in having me make them a pony plush? Just curious. We can discuss price at some point based on details.

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MFF Badge Pre-Orders Open!

If you would like to pre-order a badge and have it available for MFF now is the time! Badges are $10 for simple no- or one-color background, $15 with scrapbook or drawn background. Both are waist-up busts that will be fully colored. They'll be about 3x3 inches square and come with a clip. I can lam…

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Streaming Schedule

Just to let folks watching me know I tend to do live streams on Tuesdays, usually around 8 or 9 Central time. If there's enough interest I may also begin streaming on Thursdays around the same time, but that's if there's enough interest in it. I generally want to do commissions on my stream but if…