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Ha ha ha...lol whoops

Sooooo yeah, I totally forgot I had an account on here once again and it's been ages since I've been on here...I probably wont be on here much, you can find me being a lot more active on my Furaffinity page! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sarowolf/

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Holy cow, I forgot about this...

I completely and utterly forgot I even had an account on this site! It wasn't until I was browsing tumblr that I saw an ad for it and was like, hmmm do I have an account there? Lol! Gosh it's been since like June that I've been here! I had over 400+ submission watches to go through...lol I will pro…

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Not Because of What I've Done

But because of what He did. I read a poem this morning that a fellow Christian had written and posted on here. It gave me a lot of encouragement and I felt led to post something of my own. For those that don't know, I am in fact a Christian. I believe that Christ was born of a virgin, had twelve di…

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The Waters' Sweet, but Blood is Thicker

I love the song Hey Brother by Avincii, it's so catchy! So not much to say, just needed to update my journal. My allergies are killing me...I need to get some medicine...lol before I smother. 89 days until my wedding, I'm SO excited!!

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Let It Go

I had a tough day today as I got into somewhat of a fight with a friend of mine. We've been through a roller coaster of emotions for the past several months and I hadn't gotten a chance to really speak with her. There has been a lot of pain, and hurt, and dishonesty. Her and her sister are supposed…

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Hi there, so I'm going to be uploading some older art. My scanner right now isn't working properly, so I cannot scan and color any of my new stuff. But, I thought I would upload some older pieces since I only have like two things in my gallery! Any way, enjoy!

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100 Truths

Real name → Rhiannon after the Fleetwood Mac song Nickname(s)→ Rhi, Rio, Wolf(only by a close friend), Rhi-Rhi, Rae, Rin Zodiac sign → Taurus Male or female → Definitely female, but I am a tomboy. Elementary → Austell Middle School → Pickens High School → Pickens Hair color → Natural is a dark brow…

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Sickly Sick: Ask Azrim

Blah! I hate being sick...I just got over being sick about a week ago, and now I'm sick again. Argh...it's so annoying. So I thought I would try something, I dunno if I will get much or any feedback, but I thought it would be fun to try. I'm going to open up the floor for peeps to ask my character…

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Get to Know Me

What's your real name? Rhiannon (please call me Rio or Azrim) How tall are you? 5'2" What's your natural hair color? dark brown (it’s dyed red right now :P ) What's your eye color? Blue What's your orientation? Straight Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken. Engaged actually.  What do you do i…

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New Space: Feels Good

breathes Ah, it feels nice to move away from DeviantArt. I think I will still keep my account up there, but I'm tired of that site and ready to have a clean slate. Nothing against people I'm friends with on there, but I need something new. Thank you Cibex for giving me the idea! I'm interested to s…