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I had a lot of fun with last week’s sketch stream, and since this is apparently the tail-end of “Witchsona” Week, I figure it’s a perfect time to do it again! Tune in to our chat and stream page (http://clockworkcreature.com/chat/) at 6pm EST to check it out! The theme of the night will be witches,…

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Sketch Stream Tomorrow

I will be doing another sketch stream tomorrow (Saturday, May the 10th) at 2:00 pm EST (a handy link to the current time in Baltimore: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/usa/baltimore). ONE MAJOR CHANGE FROM LAST TIME: In order to make this a game of chance, and not a game of who has the fastest…

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Live Sketch Commissions Tonight!

I will be doing another live sketch event tonight at 8pm! Once again, these will be 30 minute sketches for $20 each - all proceeds go to our housing fund. Rules: I will be doing sketches one at a time, on a ‘shout-out’ basis: that is, when I am ready to start a new sketch, I will type “GO!” in the…