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Eggs a-hoy!

To be fair, I do love the egg shape. I truly do. I wouldn't mind actually seeing something like this implimented, just due to it looking a bit like a portrait. c: Yiss. Also, I am open for writing commissions. :B On Flight Rising currently and on Deviantart. Hoping to transition into cash someday.…

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Wow... been a long time since I updated D:

I..er... ahahahaha... last update was in August. LOL;; SO. YEAH. THERE'S THAT MESS. What have I been doing all this time?? D: I dunno. :B Okay, I do, but STILL. Ultimatly, I've been working on fixing myself. Meaning, weight wise, wording wise, anger wise... all that good junk! :D This is to hopeful…

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Sorry for the lack of Updates

I guess to start things off, I ended up in the hospital for a few days about...four weeks back. Not really going into details as to why, but I'm alright. Then, I have been going to group therapy daily. So, there's that too. Thankfully I am being discharged from group therapy this next week. On the…

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Feeling like a big f'n failure

So...yeah. Woke up this morning and just... yeh... :c I cant...do things correctly. And I often find myself doing so much to help others, when in reality I need to help myself. Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out for this world... and the answer is, "No". And yet I keep trying. I keep trying to pick…

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Will resume posting May 16th

Sorry for the general absence guys! But fear not, work ends May 15th! :D So....starting either that evening or the day after, posting with stories and art and stuff will resume! :3 Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! :D

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Sorry I've been so inactive!

I've had no work the past week, but I've mostly been busy WITH work. But I've got four more weeks, before it ends. o3o;; I'll try and be a bit more active as time goes on. O: But I do need to focus a good part of my time on looking for summer jobs. I need one. ;A; Viktor

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Inspirational Music?

Wondering here if anyone has any inspirational music that they'd like to share. I'm looking for new songs to help me along with my writing. Recently I've been wanting to break free from the same old thing, and gain new inspirations. ouo Especially for when Camp nanowrimo comes along this summer ouo…

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TMI Tuesday and I got a job!

Haha! Yeah, figure I'll do this! OuO Ask me anything! :3 Also, I got a job. It's a temp job. I'm subbing for an afterschool program. ovo;; So, yeah. O: I'll be busy from about 2-6 Monday - Thursday. OvO;; Which means, stuff will be uploaded in the morning, and then comments will be answered in the…

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About me

People have been saying I should post this, so I went ahead and did it! c: Hee hee This was fun! :D █ What's your real name? Megan, though Viktor, Meg, or Sapph is good too █ How tall are you? 5'4/5'5 █ What's your natural hair color? Brown █ What's your eye color? Brown █ What's your orientation?…

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Finally getting around to uploading stuff

Heh...yeah. It's taken me a while, but yiss. Getting stuff uploaded. ouo I spose that's a good thing. But...I dunno. Anyways, getting ready for the holidays. Finishing getting stuff up for the holidays this weekend. ouo Yiss. And then Christmas is next week. So...yeah. Anyways. Gonna stop uploading…

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Heh....it's been a little over a year since I've been on here. OTL;; I dunno. I just....I've kinda abandoned it. I felt the need to check and see what's up, and shit do I have a lot of submissions to go through. 8c I might update this place, seeing as fA is slow. 8c But...yeah. Viktor