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Churchill / 32 / Non-binary / Lurking...

F E E D  M E  A  S T R A Y  C A T .
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I was impatient.

As you may be able to gather, but on the bright side, we're all caught up! I guess another bright side is that I'd like to add that if you're interested, I am open for commissions. You can find my ToS and prices here and my queue here. If you like what I do and just want to leave a tip, you can do…

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Holy Moly

I feel like what happened with my last journal tends to sum up my experience with this site. I posted a journal about possibly posting here again, then forgot weasyl existed for two months and that I had even posted a journal about that until I returned and was alarmed to find comments! (Darn memor…

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Just trying to figure out if I should post here or if it's worth posting here. I see it's still pretty dead, but hey, who knows.