I was impatient. by Mortimus

As you may be able to gather, but on the bright side, we're all caught up!
I guess another bright side is that I'd like to add that if you're interested, I am open for commissions. You can find my ToS and prices here and my queue here. If you like what I do and just want to leave a tip, you can do so on my ko-fi!

In other news, I guess I'll be trying to keep up here since I have since stopped keeping up 100% with my deviantart due to how much of a lack of activity I was getting there. Thanks again for all the support, folks.

I was impatient.


20 March 2018 at 15:15:02 MDT

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    I stopped uploading on DA over a decade ago, driven away primarily by the increase in advertisement and community spam, but also by the immature community there (and also an abusive ex was stalking my account, that did not help).

    Loving the art-dump! Thanks!

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      Yeah, DA kind turned into a trash heap, but I thought maybe I could participate with some folks with closed species over there. Said people turned out to be abusive and manipulative and have a heavy presence over there and the fact that I'd been constantly posting only to have about 100 watchers (maybe 10 I can count that I saw interacting with me) on my own, it's just not worth it. On top of like you said, the community being generally younger. I appreciate the encouragement to post here, thank you!

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        Sorry to hear you have negative experiences with the community as well. :C
        Well, it may be smaller and quieter here, but I haven't witnessed any toxicity or drama so far.

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          That's always good to know!