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Err hai! OwO
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I liveeee!

I've been kind of a derp and only posted things to tumblr for a while, so I have lots of projects to upload. Sorry guys! Also I should have another mask done by the end of the day if all goes well. All that's left to do is attaching the ears and making some nice straps to help support it. OwO

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Oh mah gah. stahp.

Soooooo, I've been noticing a negative response to artists who ask people to not critique their work in comments. I wanna get something straight. Yes it's a free Internet and you are free to express yourself in any way you want and say anything you want, be it opinions/whatever. But you are a disre…

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Err hai!

Hi there! I'm new here... So I figured I'd post a journal and say hi. Not sure how these things work or if anyone is ever gonna read this, but hi anyway! OwO