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I'm back bby

I'm sorry I have been so inactive lately. I plan to pick up the pace here again. I had been really active on DA due to RP groups and the like. But I feel like I am falling out of love with them. I still love my OCs and my friends OCs there but its just so hard for me to keep up with things. And wit…

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Commission Information

I will now be opening up for Commissions. Here is the Information as well as some Examples. I'll have some better examples at a later date once I get the page set up properly. This is just functional place holder for the time being. [Link] Solid Color and Transparent Backgrounds are free. I will in…

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Getting settled

I am gonna be moving a bunch of art onto here so this large dump of art work probably shouldn't be expected to often lol. I'm kind of a lazy. I want to use this account to kinda help separate my cute monsties and stuff from my other work. To show them off a bit more. They sort of fade into the back…