I'm back bby by LindyTheAmazing

I'm sorry I have been so inactive lately. I plan to pick up the pace here again.
I had been really active on DA due to RP groups and the like. But I feel like I am falling out of love with them.
I still love my OCs and my friends OCs there but its just so hard for me to keep up with things.
And with the way things are looking on DA in general, I'm just losing interest in the site it's self. A lot of my favorite artists post just as much, if not more, art here and on tumblr.

So I think thats the way things are heading for me. Deffinately. So expect to see more of me.
It's scary joining a new community. It takes me a LONG time to get adjusted. So I'm so sorry for being inactive.
If there's anything you'd like to seem more of from me, drop me a suggestion.

Vague shit though. This is not requests central.

I'm back bby


7 December 2014 at 00:34:44 MST

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