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I've been thinking about signing up and making a ko-fi page for a while. I'm still setting it up, but here is the link; ko-fi.com/konekotsukino I will be accepting commissions there as well, but you don't have to commission me. If you'd like to support me consider buying me a coffee.

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Commission's and YCH

My prices can be found in these journal posts. http://fav.me/dc5pm79 http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8653901/ Also here is a reminder that I do have a ych still available. It is $10 dollers or 1000 points on DA. I would prefer cash but I will take points for it as well. There are 5 slots availab…

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The Journey

Hey everyone! So I am in Mass. I'm a little late in posting this here since I posted it to my DA a week ago. Moving was just insane overall. We left a week later than we were supposed to and it took us a week to get up here when it should have only taken a few days at most. Get ready this is a long…

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Final stretch

This is the final week before the big move. Thank you to everyone who has favorite or commented on something. At this time I am unable to respond to those due to getting things packed and moved into the storage pod. I will probably only have time to pop on and post my inktober piece and even then I…

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So I keep missing out on inktober each year due to one reason or another. This year I'm going to try it. I'm not going to be following any kind of promt list (I know I'm a rebel). I'm just really going to try and upload a drawing a day. Let see if i can keep it up. First drawing will be going up sh…

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Hey everyone. I've been meaning to update for a while. So I've been pretty inactive for a long while and I'm sorry aboutot that. I've had a lot going on in my life from raisng my daughter to working full time. During the time I've been in active I also lost a lot of drive to do art. I hope to be up…

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Life ad Arts.

So much has happened since I last made a journal post. I was inactive for quite a while. I have been taking care of my beautiful baby girl who just celebrated her first birthday yesterday. I have been attending school and working. There is some stressful stuff currently going on in my personal life…

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OMG!!! -insert fangirl squee here-

Watched the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal today and I am still geeking out over it hours later. I love the art as it feels like I am watching an animated version of the manga and the background music sounded great too, complimenting many of the scene's nicely. I also love the new opening and…

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Life Update

So I'm still alive. Back in January I mentioned something about a life changing event happening. Well its time to say what that something was. I was pregnant, yes was. On April 26th I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. So as you can all imagine the stress of coming baby, work and school, things kin…

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Interesting News

Today when I woke up I learned that one of my paintings is now hanging at the Tennessee Board of Regents. They came to the school looking for some student artwork to hang at their building and my painting "The Year of the Rabbit" (https://www.weasyl.com/submission/213105/the-year-of-the-rabbit) is…

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School Arts Incoming

I finally unburied my portfolio from the 2D design class I took last semester. Over the course of the next week I will be uploading some artwork from that. I've already got everything but one project scanned into my computer. The project that I was unable to scan on the grid project, which I will n…

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The Evil Cold

Two days ago I was finally struck down by the evil cold bug. Since then I have been hacking up my lungs non-stop. Now I not only are my lungs trying to escape, but I have a runny faucet of a nose. I managed to squeeze out one finished piece, but it took me longer than I wanted it too. Until the col…

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Here we are again...

It seems this is a reoccurring thing with me now to disappear for a couple months or more. I've had a lot going on which has kept me away from a lot of the sites that I normally frequent. In the time since my last journal, I have moved again, finished the fall semester and had very large life chang…

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No More Digital Art...

...For now. "Kitten - Chibi" was the last digital piece I will be uploading until I get a new tablet. So there is going to be lots of traditional pieces for the next few months. I'm hoping to be able to purchase a new tablet with some of the money I will be getting from my school reimbursement when…

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Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! This is my first journal. Thank you lostSHADE for the invite! I'm hoping to upload stuff soon. I just need to sort through things and see what I want to upload first.