The Journey by konekotsukino

Hey everyone!
So I am in Mass. I'm a little late in posting this here since I posted it to my DA a week ago. Moving was just insane overall. We left a week later than we were supposed to and it took us a week to get up here when it should have only taken a few days at most. Get ready this is a long post.

Like I said we left a week later than we should have because the packing and cleaning of the apartment got delayed due to stress, major migraines and child no longer being in daycare. The Friday before we were supposed to move we decided was going to be her last day because we were supposed to leaving on the 27 or 28th of Oct. As the following Monday dawned we decided due to how much we still had left to stay and go trick or treating on the 31 there and then leave the following day. That didn't happen... we left a few days after that.
We left the apartment on Sunday the , and stopped at a nearby taco bell to get dinner since it was dinner time. We didn't end up leaving there until around 8-8:30 pm. We finally got on the road and made it a couple hours away to just outside of Cookeville TN before a hose in our engine ruptured. We were stuck there for a bit before an off duty firefighter stopped to help us. My fiancé was able to jerry rig a temp fix by cutting off the ruptured part and reattaching the remaining hose. After putting more coolant in the car started and we were able to get to the next exit and turn around to go to a nearby hotel at the last exit where we stayed the night.
The next morning My fiancé went out and got a new hose after we had breakfast and around 11:30 we were off again. We did not make it very far though. Our car broke down again not that far from where it first broke down. This time a different hose came off. He figured we had to be driving over an Indian burial ground by this pint because when he looked down at the ground after getting out to check the engine, he saw two dead birds. My fiancé called the highway patrol for assistance. So we sat there for about 15 minutes before someone stopped to help. He offered to go to the next exit to get some more coolant. About 20 to 30 minutes later the highway patrol arrived and a few minutes later the guy who stopped to help returned. By this time we had reattached the hose that had come off and the engine had cooled. We refilled the coolant and were off again. The car though didn't seem to be doing to good. This time we got off at the next exit and went to a the local Nappa store for advice.
The car wouldn't restart while we were there and we ended up going to a local mechanic. They told us that it could either be a blown head gasket or worse. He offered sell us a car he had. After talking it over we decided to take his offer. I called my parents and we talked to them, telling them everything and they agreed to send the money. With some help from one of the mechanics employee's I got a ride back to Cookeville and the closest Western Union. I wasn't able to receive the money for the car because my parents had sent money earlier that same day to help us with gas and food due to our setbacks. They had flagged the transaction as suspicious and I had to wait for my mom to get ahold of the customer service so they could review and clear it. We returned to the mechanics and went to a hotel down the street for the night.
The next day we called for a ride service that brought me back down to the Western Union and I got the money. We got back and I waited there with our daughter while my fiancé went to the mechanics to complete the sale. We got everything moved over to the new car and the trailer we were pulling attached. and finally we were off again. We drove until we got to around the smokies before we looked for another place to stay the night. We had no further car troubles and after another two days and one more night in a hotel we made it here.
We started this trip in a 99 Honda CRV and ended it in a 95 Jeep Cherokee. I've spent the last couple weeks since we got here settling in, spending time with family and watching my little one.

I have lots of art to post, mostly the rest of my inktober pieces, but I do have another digital piece I started and one I need to finish. I hope to get back in the groove soon and upload more. Anyways that is what has been going on and I hope to catch up on things soon.

The Journey


6 December 2018 at 17:05:10 MST

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