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Kinga / 26 / female / Poland

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Multi update: health, MSc thesis, commissions

Hey guys, I have an multi-update for you. It seems that things are slowly getting calmer about my health. Wound is looking good for now, nothing wrong is going on. It's closed now, no stitches remained. Skin is still very thin and delicate. I'm very carefull with my words, but there's a chance that…

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Slight discord server change

Interested in seeing WIPs, picture's gif progression? Want to know earlier about coming up YCHs auctions, flat art sales and adoptables? Please, join me in new discord server! Thank You for popping in and have a great day!

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Places you can find me! (Now also Instagram)

Hi guys! Now I'm also on Instagram! Probably I'll post here some WIPs and traditional artwork. Still trying to figure how it works... XD Deviantart Furaffinity Facebook Tumblr Twitter Discord

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Discord Server

Hi there everyone! I've thought about since last week and now there it is! I've created discord server for WIPs, commissions (also Art Trades and personal art) most recent updates, Q&A and general chat. It's much easier and quicker way to communicate for me rather than notes. In short, here's the l…