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Kinshuka / 35 / Male / Great Yarmouth, England

I'm not your average Lapine. Wanna find out how?
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http://kinshuka.tumblr.com/post/117682897652/kinshuka-its-time-my-first-free-daily-sketch Just sayin..

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Kinshuka's Free Daily Sketches - Starting TODAY!

Yes! They will be starting today, but when I hear you ask? You'll have to [url=http://kinshuka.tumblr.com/]follow me on Tumblr[/url] to find out! But I've had a different idea for how this is going to work, so below is how things will now be done! 1: Starting this today I'll post something on Tumbl…

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Well, who knew if it'd happen? But that British Rabbit is back once again! And I'll begin uploading again sometime today! So keep an eye out, my friends!

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3D Posing Programs? Anyone know one?

One of the reasons I find it hard to draw is because I suck at posing. So when I prepare to draw, I usually search google for a reference pic close enough to the pose I want then go from there. But I dont want to do that anymore...I want to just make the pose I want then get to drawing. So, does an…

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Uploads shall begin TODAY!

Today I shall begin uploading my (crappy) art and my (epic) commissions :D So keep an eye out, people! Well...person :| I only have one follower so far. X3

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Kin's first Weasyl journal

So, this is the first of many journals here on Weasyl. I'm still getting used to things, but rest assured...I'll probably stick with this place :P Maybe it'll become the FA Replacement a lot of people are dubbing it? But then again, InkBunny was meant to be the same...but InkBunny still destroys FA…