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Horsing around at Work

Sorry for the inactivity! I got a job back in late April that is during nights which is when I draw. I work for the horse show called Cavalia's Odysseo and I'm there from mid afternoon till late at night on weekdays and pretty much all day saturdays, so it's keeping me busy and it's a job, which is…

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So I haven't poked this site in a bit. I'm sorry! Some of it was because I couldn't access this site??? Then I forgot about it...? Idk But hey! I'm still alive! Maybe I will be more active again? A lot of the people I follow on DA and FA seem to be moving here so I might be more active now so that…

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Still alive. School is in the way.

Sorry for the inactivity. It's One more month of school. Almost there. Little bit of a break between assignments but not for long. Just got a bunch more so I will most likely be inactive again for a bit while I finish up school and look for a job. Why can't a job just land in m…

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up to date

So I have finished uploading all the pics that I deem worthy to show on here that are complete. Working on another pic which is almost done then that will prob be the last you see of me for a couple weeks as I slowly work on the next pic x.x hopfuly I can be satisfied with a chibi pic for Nami. She…

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Now that I am here, it's time to upload some art. I won't be putting all my art up, which means it won't be a lot of art that gets uploaded. I won't upload it all at once either. I'll upload a bit each day until I've caught up with the newer stuff. After that, art will get submitted slowly. I'm not…