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Hi Everyone!

Kimi133 here from DeviantArt, FurAffinity and Kimi from Nabyn.

I'm a graduate of the Avionics Technology program which means I fix electronics on aircraft!
I draw canid creatures and pokemon and occasionaly dragons.
I like using both traditional and digital mediums and have an ever changing art style.

Don't be afraid to talk to me, strike up a conversation about art, manga and anime. I like making friends.

I'm glad to be here. Thank you in advance to everyone who fave my art and watches me. ^.^

Latest Journal

Horsing around at Work

Sorry for the inactivity!

I got a job back in late April that is during nights which is when I draw.

I work for the horse show called Cavalia's Odysseo and I'm there from mid afternoon till late at night on weekdays and pretty much all day saturdays, so it's keeping me busy and it's a job, which is better than where I was before with no job and no commissions.
The job isn't too bad. I'm working with my mom, otherwise I might be pulling my hair more because no one seems want to work, which is annoying. The seating has been reduced lately so work has gotten a little lighter, but not much, since part of my job is cleaning the bleachers. At least most of the customers are nice and the show is a little different each night since horses have their say in some things too. (as in, "nope, don't feeling like doing that today")

I just starting sketching things again lately as I've more time (less shows lately) and got some motivation from the new pokemon mega forms (loving sceptile even more now).

the job ends soon, so if I don't get another one right after, I'll have more time again to draw.
If i get another job right away, I'm hoping it's not nights. I miss drawing some days and I'm not motivated enough during the morning/early afternoon to draw plus I'm doing other things.

Hope you all hang in there with me and I hope to start getting more drawings out soon!

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    Thanks for the follow!

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      You're Welcome! :)

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    You've got some really adorable art! ^__^

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      thank you! ^.^