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alright im out

after seeing the reaction to the recent goings on i just don't want to be here anymore. i'll leave up my gallery but otherwise you can find me on tumblr or fa, which will be linked below. (honestly i had thought of leaving before because this place is basically dead but now i have a definite reason…

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pyop / donation coms open!

(this is a copy+paste from my fa and tumblr, so for those who follow me there this will be familiar) ok so. i have gotten to a point where i am low on money basically all the time and it sucks and so im going to open up pyop commissions / donations. this is difficult for me to do and i'd rather do…

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commission info up!

i now have my paypal up and running and im accepting commissions!! please pm me if you're interested ^Q^ everything is on my profile~

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design trades?

does anyone have designs theyd be willing to trade me for art?? as in me draw you soemthing for a design (as i was typing i thought that was kinda vague lol) i am always huntin for cute charas and i see a lot of trades goin down on here for why not.. id be willing to do more detailed work for custo…

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yo WEAS whats goin down whats the sitch. talk to me about life who else is playing lots of bravely default???? im so hooked i cant stop, bringing my ds everywhere to leave it sleeping for SP, gettin streetpasses, im goin insane with this video game i have four days off school now but i have mountai…

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new skype + general update

for anyone who had me on skype before, or just wants to chit chat please send me a private message if you want my skype!!! (i am making a resolution to start more conversations sjfhkjsd sorry that i am usually very stand offish... i am actually a cold hearted lizard irl...) ive been meaning to draw…

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request journal woo

heeeeeeey since i keep forgetting to post on fa anyway i thought id do a request journal here instead holla so since i havent done requests here before ill post 'rules' but im p sure most of you guys followed from fa anyway ha just be cool friends, please dont expect ill do anything, usually in a j…

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about me(me)

ha im jumpin on this bandwagon too What's your real name? allison but i dont like it so call me other things How tall are you? 5'4" What's your natural hair color? dark dark brown (but i want to die it) What's your eye color? also dark brown What's your orientation? well Are you single, taken or un…

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it took me a really long time to find out how to make a journal

i think this site is a bit too complicated for me lol. i like to just throw something up and quit ajhk (even journals have ratings wow lol) overall this reminds me of nabyn and i was on there for a few months or smething, so i might be able to get used to this... who knows hopefully ill remember to…