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Kalid909 / Female / Eastern USA

Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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My my...

I should really consider writing a to-do list, including visiting this site, so I quite forgetting about it! >.< I have a hard time juggling just keeping up with FA and DA at the same time... I need to get more organized. >.> Upload spam shall soon commence, and fill your inbox until it explodes; H…

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Caught Up!

Okay, so I'm more or less caught up with recent art postings! Not to KEEP it up to date... x_x I got commissions coming my way, so that shouldn't be a big issue. :)

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Status Update +Feelings on FA's Current Situation

As expected, I failed quite terribly at activity here. Well, I'm not giving up of course, but really... How predictable of me, I'm horrible at managing multiple sites. I'll try harder, though. XD I have a lot of art that's been done since then, so I'll be spamming here a bit to catch up. <3 In othe…