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Status Update +Feelings on FA's Current Situation by Kalid909

As expected, I failed quite terribly at activity here. Well, I'm not giving up of course, but really... How predictable of me, I'm horrible at managing multiple sites. I'll try harder, though. XD

I have a lot of art that's been done since then, so I'll be spamming here a bit to catch up. <3

In other news! The FA situation that seems so prolific and talked about everywhere I go. I don't know if my opinion matters, but here it is anyway. XD

I've been watching it, reading, observing, but I maintain a rather withdrawn stance on the matter. I'm waiting to make any judgements, until I feel I've seen more. To me, it seems too early to jump to conclusions. I've only been part of FA for a year and a half, and don't really have a lot to go off of on the site's track record, other than word-of-mouth. My personal experiences with how the site has been run is limited, but I have seen plenty of drama, even in that time span. >.>

I'm uneasy, to be sure, there's a lot of negative feelings flying around and decent basis for it concerning a lot of what's got the community fired up at the moment. But I've went down my checklist, so to speak, and I'm not worried on my own account, which is why I still have my account there. :) I have nothing really that I'm concerned about losing. What I am worried about, is if this person people are concerned about, and rightly so, will really repeat his history. Because even if I'm not really afraid of losing anything, I'm sure there's a lot of people who have good reason to be afraid of that.

On top of that, I've been hearing a lot of negativity concerning the site owner's own track record. I've seen some suspicious things myself. Again, my stance is currently withdrawn and is at an observing point, watching and waiting to make a decision on the matter. I like to be pensive about judgements, I have a rash personality, and I do my best to counteract it with prudence and care. I'd hate to leap savagely into an opinion only to have it blow up in my face! 8'D

So yes, that's my feelings. Vague, non-committal, and unhelpful. But it's my viewpoint. XD

Status Update +Feelings on FA's Current Situation


20 November 2014 at 10:31:46 MST

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