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Kairoo Dragonfox / 27 / Male / Cape Cod, MA

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I'm Back!!! (Late Journal)

Ok, yep, this journal is late, I am lazy, this is a fact XD I've also been busy with the 3 jobs I'm balancing this summer... yep... OK moving on so Elliots Spring Gathering was AMAZING!!! I've never flown before (ironically), nor have I even been half that far out west :3 AND I got to hang out with…

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*Puts a sign up* "Gone to Elliots..."

That's right! I will be away at Elliots Spring Event until the 13th :3 I'll be going with the FANTASTIC AND AMAZING Friend DJ Wolf ( and some of his friends! If you are going, I'll see you there too! :P Just look for the bouncy green thing X3 BBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYY…

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That's right! The wonderful Samhain The Dark invited me over to his house to work on a music video with the song "Dancing in the Dark" by: DEV x3 So ya :3 Go check out my 2am, half tired dancing skills x3 http://w…

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KAIROO IS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that's right. I ended up being on TV... French TV, but still TV. This French talk show was talking about furries and ended up showing Dancing Duke AC music video, and they got to the part of the video where there's a close up of me :P anyway, here's the video link:…

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My weekend could not have been better x3

Just got back from a fun massfurbowl mini con! There where about 80 attendees, some of which I knew, some of which I hadn't seen in months, and the rest where ones I got to meet :3 I was so happy to see Ares, Kar, Kivu, Jake Bolt, Swag Stag, and Boltthesuperdog (aka Jake puppy) again, especially si…

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Kairoo's 2013, year in review...

So, after much thought, I've decided to make one of these journals, mainly because 2013 was one of the best and most memorable years of my life thus far, and I want to write it down for memories (this is a journal, right? XD)If this journal is tldr btw, I've shortened it at the bottom :P Also, I've…

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Hello Weasyl!!! x3

So ya, since FA is still down, and I heard so many good things about this site, I decided to make an account and see how good it actually is x3 So far, I am enjoying it more than FA, especially with these folder systems. So I will be updating and checking this site now just as frequently as I will…