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Sexuality: Homosexual, Bi-Romantic

Single again, off the market right now.

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-Eliots Spring Gathering 2014

-AC 2014

-Camp Feral 2014

-FurFright 2014

-MFF 2014

Non-furry cons I hopefully will be attending:

-Anime Boston 2014

Con's I have attended so far:

-AC 2013

-FurFright 2013

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Latest Journal

I'm Back!!! (Late Journal)

on 22 May 2014 at 02:13:55 MDT

Ok, yep, this journal is late, I am lazy, this is a fact XD I've also been busy with the 3 jobs I'm balancing this summer... yep... OK moving on so Elliots Spring Gathering was AMAZING!!! I've never flown before (ironically), nor have I even been half that far out west :3 AND I got to hang out with the amazing DJ Wolf and meet one of the coolest bunnies I have ever met, eh, actually, I'm going to go with one of the coolest people in general I have ever met. I don't know what their FA is, but their name was Yama :D

Now I was thinking about going on and listing each night seperatly, but tbh, they were all pretty much the same. Full of dancing and partying in the suite, playing some CAH, and meeting awesome people. Though, Sunday night of the con (I believe that was the night) I did end up getting really drunk XD and that was fun x3 Through this experience I did meet Limin who got me some water and Maolfunction who kept me standing for most the night :3

As for the dances that went on until 2am, I got to dance with happyangeltiger happyangeltiger a lot, and dayum, he can dance :D I had a great time with him ;P

Now I can't remember EVERYONE I met sadly, it's also 4am so I kinda don't want to be hunting right now XD BUT I dd get to meet and hang out with Orona Who had a really cute British accent <3 and Hotrodwolf1989 who was a really cool guy.

As for the trip home, it was interesting XD I ended up having an unexpected landing in Omaha which ended up in me getting to meet the artist Sapphwolf . And I thank both him for the ride from and to the airport, and his friend and their wife for giving me a place to sleep for the night :3

Annyyywwwwaaaaayyyyyy that's it for this journal. I'm off to bed now XD You'll probably see this get updated if I remember more stuff :P

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    hallloooooooo~~~~!!! :D

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    omg your icon so cute.

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    Nice job in Samhain's review! I think more furries should do reviews in suit. If you ever guest star in another one, hopefully it will be for a movie that isn't as disturbing!