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Jmonster / 29 / Male / The First Layer of Hell aka South Florida

Don't be a Dick, be a Dude.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Raffle!(Not hosted by me)

My buddy Devon is doing a raffle over on DA! You should totally go enter it for some free awesome sexy artz fuckyeuh

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Please help out if you can! Adopts+customs for sale!

I've been trying to get rid of these adopts for awhile now, i figured someone would come around by now but i guess i'm not getting myself out there enough so I'm gonna go ahead and advertise here. I need the money because my significant other is coming in from Texas for my 23rd birthday (on sunday)…

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Could use some help please?(trades, lifestuff, etc)

So to keep this very basic without getting into too much detail (because I don't like being put on blast on the internet) commissions have been dreadfully slow and I haven't had too much luck with even getting call backs from jobs to get interviews, and because of this, I haven't had money to not o…

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Last two days of $3 icon sale + other sales! Click that link for the…

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Shameless Advert:$5 chibixbust pack, $3 single icons+more!

Yo guys! I just wanted to do a little plug in here, since I haven't popped up in anyone's journals in awhile. :3 Right now I am open for commissions! Right now it's Yule time and i wanted to get in on some of these deals that i see going around (meaning i totally wanted to give YOU GUYS A DEAL on m…

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I feel so lonely! - FA Outage

Dudes! I totally lost a lot of my stuff over on FA, so I don't really know where my artists that were my friends and stuff! If you know me(Jacoby77), comment here and I'll watch you again! Watchers who watched me over there are welcome to watch me again! ;-; I'll be trying to browse around to find…