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Could use some help please?(trades, lifestuff, etc) by Jmonster

So to keep this very basic without getting into too much detail (because I don't like being put on blast on the internet) commissions have been dreadfully slow and I haven't had too much luck with even getting call backs from jobs to get interviews, and because of this, I haven't had money to not only feed myself, but my animals as well. My father has been buying my pets food, but he has told me that if I don't have a stable money source then I will not have a place to stay come the middle of next month. I would like to add that I don't really have a place to go if I get kicked out, much less do I have any savings to at least get a hotel if it comes down to that.

To hopefully remedy this, I will be spending more time filling out applications, taking phone calls and making phone-calls for places nearby that are hiring. I will also have to cut back on my art, meaning that my pending art trades with people right now will be slower than normal, and also will be pushed back in lieu of commissions.

I will be opening up a few Art Slave auctions that start at $50 for a 16 hour day. I will also put up some adopts within this next week in case anyone was interested in those. If you are interested in just plain commissioning me, my prices are found here.

If you would like to donate, you may do so at the bottom of this link, and if you donate and PM me with a donation screencap then I will give you a very special thank you gift for doing so!

If you can't donate or commission me, then I would appreciate a signal boost. I will take note of those who signal boost and surprise them when I have time to do so.

Thanks for caring guys!

Could use some help please?(trades, lifestuff, etc)


23 January 2015 at 14:11:18 MST

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