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Sh!t! Someone's taken the steering wheel!
Commissions: Open
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Commissions OPEN

Consider feeding the local wildlife please! And help keep me in my zoo (aka I have no food and rent is coming up and I'm not working please help) Com guide: Kofi:

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Commissions OPEN. Need cash for new PC

So my pc has bit it. I've been working on my laptop but it's really small and uncomfortable to work on. Plan on building my own and I need to raise $800. So, yeah. COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN. Please help!! <3<3<3 Commissions: ko-fi:…

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help plz

Has anyone else been having issues with uploading images? I can't get anything to upload either here nor dA. But oddly enough, I can still post at FA with no problem. I should mention this only happens on my desktop (my main art and upload computer) and not on my laptop. I use chrome for both.

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Thinking of going back

To FA, that is. I don't plan on leaving here. Not at all. But I came to a realization this morning that it's been over a year and a half and nothing there has changed. All FA has managed to do is get folders. Folders they've been promising for...years? I think someone has poured water all over thei…

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I realize it's a joke...

But I actually like the egg shaped previews for submissions. Very different and pleasing to my little eye.

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The name is Heath. Nice to meet ya.

So… I’ve decided to transition from female to male. This isn’t something I’ve decided to do on a whim. I’ve struggled, really, my entire life with being a girl. It was never something I’ve felt wholly comfortable with being. So I’ve decided to fix it. Shout out to my friend Zakeya for giving me my…