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Gallery update - Hellooo

Heyo! Just an obligatory journal about a bunch of submissions being uploaded! Just thought I'd update my gallery here with the bigger commissions I've done this month c: Also here's a reminder of my main gallery being Deviantart: http://izziebiz.deviantart.com/ I upload all my art there, commission…

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Well, Looks like I'm here forever now

FA is down and I am done with it lmao My primary upload places are now DeviantArt and Weasyl I like this site's "Artist Name is streaming now!" things anyways SO YEAH, HI GUYS! ALL 33 OF YOU time to advertise and pull in new watchers woop woop

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Weasyl Gallery Update

Well hello people who follow me on Weasyl, gosh it's been a minute since I was here Anyways, I'm going to be uploading my recent and relevant art that I think should be showcased here! So just thought I'd give you all a warning before I flood your inboxes (I mean I know several other artists from F…

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Commission - T.O.S.

Terms of Service Contacting me- I take commissions via Notes on any of the art sites I am on. This includes: FurAffinty, Weasyl, and DeviantART. I will not reply to emails, page comments/shouts, or IM’s on any social media. 1. Copyright: These prices are for pay for service works, you are paying me…

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Commission - F.A.Q.

F.A.Q. Can I send you my information for a commission in an email or personal IM? A: No, I prefer notes on FurAffinity, DeviantART, and Weasyl when being contacted for a commission. It allows me to keep my commissions all in one place rather than scattered around. Why do I have to fill out this com…

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I return! - Mass art upload soon

Hey guys (the thirty of you that follow me) I have recently returned, and by recently I mean tonight. I'm officially done with FurAffinity and wish to no longer go back there with my art c: So I'll be sticking to DeviantART and here on Weasyl since I absolutely adore their site layouts. Weasyl is w…