Commission - T.O.S. by IzzieBiz

Terms of Service

Contacting me-
I take commissions via Notes on any of the art sites I am on. This includes: FurAffinty, Weasyl, and DeviantART.
I will not reply to emails, page comments/shouts, or IM’s on any social media.

1. Copyright: These prices are for pay for service works, you are paying me to create artwork but the copyright of the artwork stays mine. This means that you are only allowed to use the artwork for personal non-commercial use.

2. Payment: Payment is required upfront for sketches and busts. Payment is split into two payments for larger pieces such as full bodies, couple pieces, etc.

3. Payment Methods: Paypal only, U.S. Dollars. Payment will be sent as Goods & Services with No Address Needed.

4. Refunds-
If the piece is already started but the commissioner needs to back out only half the price will be refunded.
If the piece is finished, the commissioner did not ask for adjustments/edits/etc during the three stages of approval, and the commissioner is absolutely not happy with it: no refund.
If the piece is finished but the commissioner cannot pay the other half of the price I have the right to resell the poses as a YCH or Premade after a one month period. (This means any trace of the commissioner’s characters will be removed before attempting to be sold) No Refund for the first half of the payment.

5. Edits and process: Sketch approval - unlimited edits. Lineart approval: limited edits, please be upfront about what you want changed, this is the last call for line edits! Color approval: unlimited changes to colors, no line or pose edits.
If the amount of requests to constantly edit the drawing becomes overwhelming I have my right to cancel the commission and give the partial refund (depending on how far in the drawing I am at), or request extra fees for the extra work.

6. Deadlines: You may request a deadline and as long as I agree to whatever you suggest I will abide. If I am late on this deadline you have the right to a full refund.

7. Artist Rights-
You may not remove my signature from the piece for any reason.
You may not alter the finished product without express permission (e.g; color the lineart, change hues, add items, etc.)
You may not claim my work as your own.
You may not resell a premade design for more than the original purchasing price.
I may decline any commission if I'm not comfortable or ok with the content, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter. See what I will and will not draw here: F.A.Q.
I have the right to upload the Commission to my galleries and use it for prints in artbooks, portfolios etc.

8. Reposting-
You may repost my art to your sites as long as you provide proper credit in the forms listed below.
-Post the image as [Your title] - By Izziebiz (There is no exception to this rule. Simply putting “Not my work” will not cut it)
-Add a link back to the original piece in the description of the submission
-Add “Art ©/by Izziebiz” in the description of the submission.
You have my permission to have the commission taken down on any site if it wasn’t placed there by me or you, the commissioner. This includes sites such as E621, Tumblr, etc.

9. You do not have the right to trace, copy, or alter any of my art.

Commission - T.O.S.


5 July 2015 at 08:36:28 MDT

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