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hi hello

yes hello I apologise for my absence, if anyone's bothered that is. I've been in a bad place with my art and myself in general, as I said in the last journal...but nothing changed. I don't feel that much of a difference now, but I'm more willing to try. So uh yeah, sorry about all the animal crossi…

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guess who's not dead

yea it's me sorry for the absence (if anyone cares hahaaa) I just haven't been in a good mood lately, let alone an art one. I've pretty much just been on my animal crossing blog and doodling some stuff related to that, so uh sorry if you get sick of it - there's not that much. I'll try to pull my f…

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I've been a little inactive again huh? Feeling kinda poop because I lost my job and the way management have handled it is kinda crappy. I'm waiting on payment from a commissioner - which would be really helpful right now - but they seem to be ignoring my messages. I feel very bleh about my art, lik…

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All commission info is here! If you need any more information then just ask, I don't bite :> I'll open 5 slots Please note me or comment here with you information! slots • • • • • { tumblr | art blog | society6 }

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very dapper commissions! [ARTIST PROMO!]

[ !! CLICK HERE !! ] My dear DapperRabbit recently lost his job, unfortunately, so I'm sure you understand that he needs the money right now! He's a fantastic artist with a gorgeous style and low prices :> Click the link above to see his journal and examples, he's a rly gr8 and under appreciated ar…

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a thing that irks/confuses me a lil bit

If you have a mature/adult piece why would you set the thumbnail as the main nsfw part? (dicks, vulvas, sex etc.) Why even bother having the warning when the adult material is showing anyway? Idk I just don't get it I always thought the point was to highlight a more sfw part of the image and have a…

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I'm going to turn you all into a fur coat >:) /// thank youuu <333

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inactivity uhghkaghl

hot DANG I haven't been around the internet much recently, I guess I've taken an involuntary break from being online. I've still been sketching and doodling, but I'm purposely not doing anything with them until I've completed my current commissions, which are currently closed while I work on the cu…

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{ commissions are open + 25% discount! }

image description So I'm ready to open up commissions! I'm pretty eager too haha, the commissions I've worked on this year have been really enjoyable :> First off, if you follow me here, you get a 25% discount on whatever you order as a welcome and thank you, this offer lasts until February 23rd so…

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back from london; get to know me u.u

I came back to a big burst of followers omg you guys, there's a few too many to thank individually so thank you all for following me gosh ;o; Feel free to tell me where you found me, I know a few found me from FA-exodus thing on tumblr. Also I feel I should do a mini introductory thing, I never nor…

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commissions & small hiatus

I am thinking about offering commissions at a 25% discount exclusively to users on here, my examples are here and if you wanna see the complete collection of all my stuff, rather than just 2014, my dA gallery is full of all my work from the very start heheh - you have to be logged in to view. If th…

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free pixel icon requests

Idk if I have enough of a following over here yet, but if anyone is interested I'm offering icons to those that have followed me on here as a thank you! They'll look like this either slightly animated or not - mainly a little floating thing. It'll help me too since I need some more examples as I'd…

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Upload complete uwu

I'm now completely up to date as of 2014 on here, everything I submit from this point on will be brand new :> Sorry for the spam I hope you guys don't mind!

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slowly shuffles over here

Well it seems quite a few users are migrating from FA and I already had this account so I thought I may as well too. Both FA and deviantart are going through some shit at the moment -.- I'll post links to them though as well as wherever else you can find me :> deviantart | furaffinity | tumblr | su…