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It's 2020, Bro

It's astounding to me that three of the four or five journals i've ever made for this place essentially say "man, you guys, this new place is great! i can't wait to use it!" "woah, other sites be crazy, ya'll, i'm movin' here from this day henceforth!", and there's, like, a one-to-two-year gap betw…

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While FurAffinity security has a million nuclear meltdowns I'm gonna.. make this account one of my primaries from now on. So, uh... please look forward to it. Thanks.

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Tryin' again

Haven't been here in a while. Got sidetracked. Gonna try to be active here again. Props.

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Commission Rates Set + To-Do List

A'ight, so, I REALLY LIKE WEASYL, and how the layout it, how they set commission prices, and all this good stuff, so, I had some fun getting it all set up tonight. What's on my userpage are all the usual rates for my stuff. Comic-related commission info will also be settled in due time, but for now…

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A Challenger Approaches - New Account for Tony!

Heeey folks. Hopefully some people from FA follow me over this way, so I'll have some sense of familiarity. In any case, gon' set up shop here. I'll have commission-y information posted here once again after I get some pictures thrown on the page. This will take me a little while. But, in the end,…