It's 2020, Bro by HybridCookie

It's astounding to me that three of the four or five journals i've ever made for this place essentially say "man, you guys, this new place is great! i can't wait to use it!" "woah, other sites be crazy, ya'll, i'm movin' here from this day henceforth!", and there's, like, a one-to-two-year gap between each epiphany I have about this place.

I skipped the re-re-re-REintroduction and just went for the artistic jugular, and uploaded a metric heck-ton of a bunch of stuff I'd completed between 2016 and Now-20, and obviously, I'd love to make more use out of this place, but after the last two "we all's gonna migrate to a less-scummy webpage" events didn't really pan out for most people I'd talked to, I'm not gonna stake any claims on making myself a primary place of postin' just yet.

That said, I will at least attempt to maintain a sense of presence here so that, if DA and FA someday implode upon themselves, I will still have WA all the way up-2-date, and will be able to do somethin' with that.

Anyway. Those who still log in and get these messages; Hello! And also, goodbye, 'till next upload.

It's 2020, Bro


17 May 2020 at 19:21:13 MDT

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