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B. G. Hooke / Squid

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Commissions Closed (3/3)

I am currently open for furcadia ports (painted non-remap only), sketches, sketch pages and full-detail paintings. See my catalogue for details on each. Slots: 1. TAKEN - PAID. 2. TAKEN - PAID. 3. TAKEN - PAID. Note me to grab a slot. Please include which commission type you'd like (and whether you…

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Full-Body Pinup Raffle on dA

'Ey, starchildren. I'm running a bit of a raffle over on dA. Prize being offered is a full-body, full colour pinup of the winner's OC - any body type, any gender. Check it out over here.

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Commission Updates and Opening [CLOSED]

Ay, ducklings. Brief note to let you know I've altered my flat-rate prices a tad. For more information, have a look at my commission catalogue. Also, the last full-detail painting I did is old enough that I don't feel it belongs in my catalogue any longer. Thus, I am also opening one coloured, full…

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Christ, I need to do something unrelated to ports, after I finish up with this queue.

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Art Blog

Done gone and made myself an art blog, over in Tumblr's neighbourhood. Not sure if it'll be a "best of" sort of thing or a repository for all my feckless 2AM sketches. Either way, it's here, if you're into that.

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Holy shit, I just figured out how the nuts collections work. Brace thyselves for a deluge of collection offers. Also, if there's a piece in my gallery which was made for you, note or comment here, so that I can send you an offer.

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o sup

How the actual fuck do feathered wings work.