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goattrain / 34 / Male / Oklahoma

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OKAY SO THE GOOD NEWS IS I HAVE A SWEDISH RESIDENCE PERMIT NOW <3 This means that hopefully at the end of November I'll be able to go live with my wife in Sweden! Which it's ABOUT TIME FOR, GOSH. I've only been married for over a year, it's not like I should ALREADY be living with her or anything.…

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Slight Delays, Heading to Sweden

Hey all; just a heads-up that I'm going on a trip to Sweden today to visit my wife, Sugary Violet! The trip will take about a day or so, and then there'll probably be another day or two before I can get a computer up and running, so no art from me for a bit. My first priority art-wise will be to ge…

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Valentine's Day G/t Art Pack

I'm putting together one last G/t (Macro/micro) Art Pack for a bit, this time for Valentine's Day! You can find the submission form here if you're interested: Or hit me up if you have any questions!

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Patreon Pack 020 Suggestions!

The theme "Fake Movie Posters" won the vote for January's Patreon Pack theme! I'm taking suggestions for individual images to draw over on Patreon for my $5 supporters: If you aren't supporting me there yet, please consider doing so! It would mean a lot to me.

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Commission Prices for 2019, and Goatbux Prices

I've made a public post on Patreon discussing how regular commission prices are set to change soon, and how that will affect those getting monthly rewards on Patreon!

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Shrinking Comic Live on Patreon!

In case you missed it, I finally finished the shrinking comic I did for Patreon! The pages will remain Patreon-only for a month or two, after which point I'll release them publicly. However, if you'd like to see them before that point, it only takes a pledge of $1 or more!…

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Patreon Rewards Soon! Going to start on Patreon rewards soon! If you’d like to support me on Patreon and start getting monthly sketches (and other fun stuff), there’s still plenty of slots left! And if you’re not interested, maybe spread the word to folks who are - I’d greatly appreciat…

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Patreon Theme Voting 019 is Live!

The poll is live, everyone ! Patrons at $5 and above can vote on the overall theme of December's art pack! The voting lasts for 3 days, so make your voice heard while you can. If you're not a patron yet, consider a pledge! There's plenty of benefits. https://w…

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I'm Back, Oops!

So apparently I've been away for like, a year and a half of so, not sure how that happened! My mind is monumentally slippery, and lapses in memory do happen. I'm gonna do my best to keep up with this site better, though! Probably won't be including anything but higher-quality illustrations here, so…

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I read this morning on his Twitter that Toby Fox, the guy who made most of Undertale, is apparently really against people making and selling stuff like this over his game. His stance seems to be that one-off commissions and stuff are fine, but actual merchandise like this is a no-no. And having bee…

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Let's Get Going!

Hiya all! Goat Train here. I've decided to open up an account over here on Weasyl to have another place to share my art. Can't possibly hurt, right? Over the past few years, I've been pretty active in making art, and while I'm going to post several recently-drawn images to give this gallery a bit o…