Shrinking Comic Live on Patreon! by goattrain

In case you missed it, I finally finished the shrinking comic I did for Patreon!  The pages will remain Patreon-only for a month or two, after which point I'll release them publicly.  However, if you'd like to see them before that point, it only takes a pledge of $1 or more!

Pledging to Patreon has several fun benefits, including access to full-size images and project files for my illustrations, voting rights to determine the contents of the monthly illustration packs, and credit towards monthly commissions!  You'd also be supporting me in my work as an artist, and as this is my only source of income, even the smallest pledges matter greatly!

If you'd like to support me financially but can't or don't want to do so monthly, I also have a ko-fi you can use for one-off donations.  Again, all gifts are extremely appreciated <3

Shrinking Comic Live on Patreon!


6 December 2018 at 15:14:54 MST

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