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The GlenSkunk Patreon is Now Open!

Yep, that's right! I finally made myself a proper Patreon - part tip-jar, part motivation, all hopefully pleasing to you folks! I've been working on getting it all set up, and it's now ready enough to be able to be seen. Come to https://www.patreon.com/glenskunk?ty=h if you want, maybe pledge a lit…

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As Summer Draws to Closing...

Heh, just another little journal to let folks know that, yes, I'm still alive and perkin' along okay! Been dealing with the problem of slow art output in recent times, along with the regret that my vacation is drawing to a close in a short time...though after this long away from college, well, I im…

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Open for Commissions of the Quickness!

Hey folks, it's GlenSkunk here, the guy who runs, well, some pretty weird and wild art accounts all over the place. I just wanted to pen a few lines to let folks know that I am still open for commissions! At the present time, however, I would prefer to go for somewhat quick commissions, like sketch…

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Just a Little Notice: Commissions Still Open!

Heh, aye - figured I'd let some of you fine folks know that commission slots are still available for those interested! Been on the lookout for new ones to do, so if any of you have anything you'd like to see me draw and are willing to pay, please drop me a line! My current commission pool is as fol…