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Back from Eurofurence

Hey there, we're back from EF Red and me and I must say I had a great time sharing my time with the ever pleasant Redsilver in Berlin. The con itself was a bit loud at times for me, but I hope Red and I can go again next year if possible. Time will tell. Thanks again to the donors who made this pos…

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Growth drive goals update

Hey there! Another update to say that our goal of paying for the hotel entirely has been met, for real this time >> I figured some would want more information about the goals, had some questions not long ago, so here are the detaills of ourg growth drive goals for covering the trip costs: 620 dolla…

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Drive update: oof

Just a correction from the last update, seems I was basing goals on last year's prices and Red's order for the hotel has turned out significantly pricier than expected, at about 4200DKK, which is about 620 dollars. I am not a smart man. So I thought I'd give the correct info in this update. But eve…

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Growth drive end draws nigh

Hello there. Thanks to all our wonderful donors! You're all very smart, sexy and wholesome and the best! A big update: The next growth step will be the ending step! The mice will finally be free and there might be a surprise for them in the outside world! Expect the update around August 7-10. Anoth…

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Hey this site still exists!

I am using Postybirb now so I can upload all my sexy eggs into all the baskets at once, so expect stuff to be posted here more often. If anyone is still here.

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Birthday status: very cake

Had too much chocolate cake. Send help. Just kidding, no such thing as too much chocolate cake. Come and grab a slice. Super duper thanks to Redsilver for being a deer.