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Growth drive end draws nigh by Furry

Hello there.
Thanks to all our wonderful donors! You're all very smart, sexy and wholesome and the best!

A big update:
The next growth step will be the ending step!
The mice will finally be free and there might be a surprise for them in the outside world! Expect the update around August 7-10.

Another update:
We have received enough to fund the hotel prices for our week at EF! We'll be staying in Berlin August 13-19, maybe we'll meet some of you there at EF?
Plane and life costs there are our next goals but this is already a big load we don't have to carry, thank you so much everyone.
Hope people are liking the mouse growth so far and the mice themselves for putting on this tremendous show!

To help us by making a donation, head to this Google Form :
Also, to try and reward your generosity, each week's top donor will get a sketch depicting them with a lab mouse of their choice in a situation we both would find comfortable. If your donation wasn't the top one,there is stil hope: it will count for later weeks instead and add up with any later donation you make.
Here are all the lab rats you can pick from for reference:
The gals:
The boys: 

Growth drive end draws nigh


31 July 2019 at 06:37:17 MDT

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