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Fen Flux

Fen Flux / 29 / Female / Australia

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More active

I'm gonna start being more active on here. I promise. FA has been doing some really shady shit lately and, whilst I have a lot of followers on there and will still use it, I've found that a lot of people have bailed and come over here, to weasyl. I may as well follow. I'm not gonna risk losing cust…

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So, I'm gonna try be more active here

Try being the operative word! There seems to have been a mass exodus of FurAffinity and I really don't wanna lose out on commissions and cool art just because I'm still predominantly there. So, while I have abandoned DeviantArt for the most part, I will be on here and FurAffinity. Or Facebook. You…

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*insert title here*

So, here's an obligatory "Oh look~! I'm on Weasyl" statement. And on to all that other crap. I've just discovered that work has put me on for the next 6 days running. Goodbye boxing day plans. Hello work. GREAT. That's what I get for forgetting to say "Although I'm happy to work Christmas day, I CA…