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incoming art dump

hi weasyl! been a while. i ought to start being active here i guess, so expect some uploads over the course of this week. i don't think i'll be transferring everything in the gap i've been absent, probably just some of my more recent stuff from over the summer. sorry for the dump!

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about the gofundme i posted a little while back.

http://www.gofundme.com/mb8hwo first, a big thank you to everyone who donated ad spread the word. i really can't thank you enough. at this point in time, i am going to consider our car situation resolved, so i will be shutting it down. after literally hitchhiking to work, being able to go grocery s…

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why are popular artists so overpriced?

they're not. and if you're asking this question, you're probably underpricing yourself. do you want to know the secret behind gaining a following and people that will pay for your work? work. art does not come easy. it's not as simple as learning to use a cash register or asking if someone wants to…

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gofundme- please consider reading.

hi weasyl. if you follow me on FA you may have read a few days ago our car broke down- and as of today it's pretty much out of commission. we're looking into getting another used car because it's not worth the money we would have to spend to repair it as it's already had a lot of wear and tear. htt…

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ah crap

so, unfortunately, the wire on my tablet stopped working. i can get it to connect it i position it in a really specific way, but that's pretty awkward considering the tablet is like twice the size of me. i ordered a new wire yesterday, so here's hoping that fits okay and gets here -very- quickly. t…

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closed- thanks!

i have a commission in the works right now that i will be working on tonight and finishing tomorrow, so these will be started on wednesday, probably in-stream. examples: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38450530/FA/commissions/sin.gif url= https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38450530/FA/commissi…

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know the artist meme!

i think i did this on FA but not weasyl? i forget. hi weasyl, i promise i haven't forgotten you. i think i'd like to open commissions exclusively on Weasyl next time i do, because i feel bad that my Weasyl followers haven't really gotten a chance and it'd be great to see more activity here. i'm all…

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how do you ink?

what program do you use to ink? do you use any stabilizers? if so, which setting? which tool do you use? what kind of brush, if any? do you use any textures? what kind of tablet do you use? how big of a brush do you use? on what size canvas? what other brush settings do you use? i wanna know!

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after being inactive for so long on this website

it's really exciting to see that a lot my favorite artists are not only still active here, but have also improved TREMENDOUSLY, wow!! what a treat, i really outta hurry up and get caught up here so i can be more active ;w; at this point i might just leave out the chunk of stuff i've drawn over the…

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i'm so behind oh my goooodd i'm going to be selective with what i upload but yeah expect a lotta crap from me I:

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i don't think i've posted any commission related things on weasyl yet which is kind of unfair to my watchers here, oop sorry. so here! i could use a little extra money, the end of the month is always a doozy /)w(\ i'm doing colored sketches like these for 15$ each + 10$ per extra character. payment…

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about me meme I: ignore

i think this is probably the eighth time i've done this but now everyone's doing on weasyl and i wanna come to the party too What's your real name? butt mckinsey How tall are you? 5'3" What's your natural hair color? dirty blonde. ew. What's your eye color? greeenn...ish? um What's your orientation…

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A good friend of Eshilieth@FA, Alanna Gray, has been missing from her home in Snellville, Georgia since Wednesday, January 15th. She is thought to have run away. Please, if you happen to live in the area and see this girl, please contact them(or me i guess if you don't use FA!), or call/contact 678…

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10 dollar icons??

hi weasyl! i'm almost done my current commission queue, and i could use a few extra bucks for christmas so...does anyone want a holiday or wiggle icon? ouo holiday wiggle it doesn't have to be holiday themed- i can do regular icons too! leave a comment here or @ me on twitter(@whoop_zi) if you're i…

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whoooops HEY WEASYL

uhhhhhhhhhhh i'll probably start uploading ref sheets here because the character thing is kind of neat. i guess i'll make this a gallery for personal art without commissions, or something. hi weasyl.