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Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of mankind. - Edward D. Morrison
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Bravely Default

I must say. I was really surprised with this game. It has been one of the very few rare RPGs that has grabbed my attention for so long that I was playing it a lot. I have officially put over 63 hours on the game. All Characters to 99 and all Jobs Unlocked and Capped. Hidden Dungeon Explored and All…

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Farewell to Final Fantasy XIV 1.0

2am CST was the final moments of FFXIV 1.0. The game had a huge all out scale war against the empire. It was ok for what could be handled without too much lag lol. The game ended with a bang.. SE threw a curve ball I was not expecting.. We all knew Dalamund the Giant Meteor made by a civilization o…