Bravely Default by Elsydeon

I must say. I was really surprised with this game. It has been one of the very few rare RPGs that has grabbed my attention for so long that I was playing it a lot. I have officially put over 63 hours on the game. All Characters to 99 and all Jobs Unlocked and Capped. Hidden Dungeon Explored and All final gear has been collected. True ending and Hidden movie unlocked. <3 The game has been spectacular. I would say anyone who is interested in playing a good RPG for a portable. It is a must have. The combat system is intuitive and fresh. Brave and Default are a fun Risk and Reward sort of combo. You can Brave 4 times and attack 4 times for that one character in a single turn, but that leaves you 4 turns in which you cant do anything but take hits. It is a give and take and it works well. Get it if you enjoy RPGs

Bravely Default


13 February 2014 at 21:51:42 MST

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