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think about this.

when you say "huge" power outage, what does that mean to you? a couple hours? MY TOWN IS KNOWN FOR HAVING POWER OUTAGES FOR WEEKS STRAIGHT AND UP TO A COUPLE OF MONTHS FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE. (we live on the edge of town and have a different power supplier, but the rest of the town.) I live in a very…

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Arthrogryposis Awareness! Please click!

https://www.weasyl.com/submission/209745 Hey, everyone. Click that link. Read all of it. It's important but very little known. Only a few submissions on deviantart show AMC support, and I was the first one on Weasyl to post one, at least with the tag of arthrogryposis. Please just take some time to…

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Woah thanks guys!!!

Checked weasyl today to see I got 3 follows and 7 favorites!!! :3 Thanks a lot guys!

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Hey guys! I need your opinion! :3

I'm going to be putting some art on display in some galleries in my town, and I was wondering which piece of art you guys think will be more popular and people will want to look at? I might put both up, but I'll put the more appealing one in more places than the other (since we have like 20 art gal…

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I need a FAQ aask me questions

ask me any questions you think I'd be asked a lot the ones on my page are already there and are good questions so go look at them too :3 I'll post a FAQ sometime!!

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Incase you didn't see this on a piece of art, character reference, or my page, here: **NEW** You can now ask my characters questions for them to answer themselves! Just put "@(charactername)" before your question on my shouts, reference, or art of that character! I'll do a drawn response for each!…

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*on pesterchum* *randomly gets added by funnymouth* Funny mouth is a creepy pasta, go look at it. and I get this chat log(I exited out of it on accident and then went back and repestered them): -- [CF] began pestering funnyMouth [FM] at 17:02 -- [05:02] CF: whho arre yoou [05:03] FM: 0)_(0 [05:03]…

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Root My Friend the BEST of Luck!!

He's a REALLY great friend of mine, and he's going to a Acting Academy Summer Camp (Or Something, I know its a summer camp and he mentioned Academy) in New York!! He's been in PLENTY of local plays and he's REALLY GOOD!! He could become a professional actor, if the directors decide to choose him! 8…

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When I get More Questions expect a FAQ

just ask me things for me to put on a FAQ??? I dont have to answer them all but I dont want: Obvious silly questions Unimportant things, like how I like my eggs cooked. Sexual Questions And there are others I wont answer but those are the main categories!! Just ask away!

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Taking 3 Art Trades

Any animal, any pose (depending on my skill on the subject, I will warn you if I'm not very good in a certain area), any way. Deal Ends April 6th, 2013. All open slots after then will have to be art trades. Feel free to look through my gallery to get a feel of how I draw! # | User | Reference _____…

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Hey Guys! Need your help 83

I was thinking about it and, I don't really explain much about me on my profile (and I rarely post a journal).On deviantART, my profile had a TON about me. But people still had questions. So could you guys ask questions for me to put on my page, kind of like a FAQ? I would greatly appreciate it. I…

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Picture Book

Okay, for science class we have to make a picture book about a body system that we were individually assigned. I got the respiratory system (which is the one I wanted)!! I'm drawing an anthro cat scientist named Dr Tori to be the narrator and will be explaining the respiratory system. The teacher w…