Hey Guys! Need your help 83 by eecee

I was thinking about it and, I don't really explain much about me on my profile (and I rarely post a journal).On deviantART, my profile had a TON about me. But people still had questions. So could you guys ask questions for me to put on my page, kind of like a FAQ? I would greatly appreciate it. I may not answer some questions if I feel they are invading my personal zone.

Everyone who asks a reasonable question that helps me gets a free flatcolor!

Hey Guys! Need your help 83


17 March 2013 at 10:21:57 MDT

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    Well I haven't seen your old F.A.Q but hmm.. I'll shoot you some questions : D

    What brush/tool settings do you usually use?

    Do you honestly like drawing? like. Do you enjoy sitting infront of your computer/tablet to draw?

    If you get a art-block, how long are they usually and how do you deal with it?

    Do you dress according to "cozyness" or "good-lookingness"?

    Is appearance important to you?

    (This is starting to sound creepy ;n;)

    What program do you use while drawing? ( Most obvious question )

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      I can't even access my old FAQ (suspended DA)

      But thanks a bunchles!!

      I'll put these on my page now :3

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        Glad I could help ;u;

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    U and me baby we getting togetha like they do it on discovery channel ;DD wink wink. That's a question

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      omfg just what