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Drakenhart / Female / NJ, USA

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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I need a little help!

Hey folks - I've been way absent lately due to forces outside of my control. Mostly. I'm not going to go into a huge, emotional Sob-story, because I know everyone and their mother's sister's uncle's cousin may be having a rough time of it now. That's just the Nature of the world today. I'm just goi…

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Life Update and Appologies

My step mom has some mental and emotional issues, and has for some reason targeted me for her viciousness and slander. That started most of the "me going missing". I fled to Flight Rising. It is in fact a poor coping mechanism. Called Avoidance. It's either that or I get aggressive. I have since so…

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FREE Art Lessons (Animation and Watercolor)

Hey folks! I'm gearing up for the convention season. wiggles butt and I want to get out there to share my knowledge with as many people as I can. But I need a bit of help. I'm not a "popfur" (and sorta of glad of it in a way - less drama), nor am I a "name" in among the bigger and more well known a…

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Unborn Globes

I'm opening a new sort of YCH. Have your character turned into a fetus, pre-hatchling, or larvae. You can have one or two inside a globe. There are a choice of bases, or you can have another character holding the globe itself…

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Opening Wing-it Commissions

I'm going to keep a master list on my website of all my Commissions slots. So check there just in case this list doesn't seem to be edited or updated. I am on a LOT of sites. ;) As borrowed from PsychoticBubble WHAT A WING IT IS: Fast Turnaround - (Half the time of a normal commission) Cheaper then…

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Sketch Fest: November

I've label this mature due to the fact that I work from nude to clothed on most of my figures, and some of the work may be of a violent nature. ;) Sketch Fest is a world wide creative event that takes place over a 24-48 hour window. Creative sorts from all levels, skills, and media types get togeth…