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I need a little help! by Drakenhart

Hey folks - I've been way absent lately due to forces outside of my control. Mostly.

I'm not going to go into a huge, emotional Sob-story, because I know everyone and their mother's sister's uncle's cousin may be having a rough time of it now. That's just the Nature of the world today. I'm just going to give you the facts, as plainly as possible. In return for your reading this, I'm hoping for a little bit of help. Whatever little bit I can get.

The doctors believe that my dad has cancer. He gets his biopsy today. I'm a daddy's little girl, so that said I'm sure you'll understand how much this effects me. He fell on Father's Day, got taken to the ER, admitted, and was kept until today. The doctor's explanation "we don't know where he's bleeding" is all I got from my step mom.

My dad's will is exact. -EVERYTHING- house and all, goes to my Step mom. However, he has no Executor. This means if he goes the Probate Office assigns one. My step-mom has emotional and mental issues. PTSD, and has Paranoid Hallucinations. She has made my home environment toxic. Verbally cussing at me for things I do not do, nor ever have done, in front of my kids. She has physically come after me more then once, and I've called the cops on her twice due to this.

So even if my dad CAN fight this thing - I need OUT. If he can't, I'm homeless. I have three options (two solid, one I'm working one getting more info).

a) Move to West Chester Area - stay with a friend for the summer, get my feet under me, get a job, fix my life that way.

b) Move to Florida with my family (Pensacola / Largo areas) - stay with family, get a job (there is one waiting for me), get my own place, get back on my feet, etc...

c) Move to someplace more local (this tba based on the Doctor's Prognosis) - Find a place that will take me, sort out my issues, get on my feet, etc....

If I take the help from my Aunt to get my car fixed, I'm going to Florida. Simple as that. If I take a chance with outside help (I hate asking... gawd), I have a bit more flexibility. What I need -right now- is the 400 for car repairs. That at least gets me my "wings" back.

But... and here's the part I HATE doing..... I need financial help (doesn't everyone? Right?).




I have a BS in computer animation and specialized in 2D Tradigital. I also do web design, ad banners, and other graphics as well.

  • For 60 USD, I will tutor you LIVE via Skype or Google Hangout, in something. Drawing fundamentals, Hands, feet, wings, faces, eyes, general character design basics, Painting, animation tricks. Etc.
  • For 100 USD I will tutor you LIVE for 2 hours. (EST, evenings after 9pm)


  • For 20 USD I will post links to my FB page, and from there various other Fan Pages I'm a part of, as long as it's not something that will violate FB TOS. :)

Anything from Commission offers, to Tutorials you made, to sharing a new artwork with my audience, to pimping out your FA, DA, etc page!

I need a little help!


17 June 2014 at 10:50:09 MDT

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