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Update On the Life And Times - Commissions incoming!

From: Okay. So I finally graduated. Currently spamming RL's LFG for a job. Actually have an offer on the table so I might take that one unless a better one pans out. But after I move and get settled in, I'll finally have time to get back into art. I'm sup…

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WARNING: Fursuit Commission Scam Discovered!

Sheppymomma just found some dude that is scamming money out of people and was using her fursuit heads for reference. Please Spread the warning. He might be using other's work as well. Not Sure if the Following Code will Work: So apparently, someone is trying to take fursuit commissions by advertisi…

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Hi Weasyl!

Hi everyone. Just started this up this week. Gonna get back into some art and fill this place out. =3