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Update On the Life And Times - Commissions incoming! by desertgunbunny


Okay. So I finally graduated. Currently spamming RL's LFG for a job. Actually have an offer on the table so I might take that one unless a better one pans out.
But after I move and get settled in, I'll finally have time to get back into art. I'm super rusty at this point but expect to see a few things coming out soon.

Also I really need to reorganize my FA page and clean it up. I mean its been what 8+ years. TIME FOR SOME CLEANING. I'll keep ya posted on what changes will be done.

But a lot of these changes are more "FIXING MYSELF AS A BRAND" add super echo here

I want to get back into commissions. I'll be taking commissions, comic series, doing YCHs, and whatever else people request of me. I would like to focus on making about $6k by June through my art alone. This will go towards knockin off my school debt before the interest starts ticking.

I need to set up the support structure though.


  • Rebranding my FA/Weasyl: I need to clean it up, re organize, get better backgrounds/icons ect. Also um.. moving my more cough mature art to a mature account. Possibly. Still waring with myself on this one. Also thinking of reorganizing my twitter accounts too.

  • Setting up a way to get paid: I would like to use Dwolla (or even Amazon) for US, but I know international (and peoples preferences) will be Paypal. I SRSLY HATE PAYPAL, but I'll deal with it. I dislike their social transaction rules and the fact that they've fucked with my bank account in the past. I'll figure something out though. Dwolla I will love to promote and use more, but thanks to Federal banking laws, they're not ready/willing to try to deal with the regulation that goes with being an international bank. Amazon would be good, but I'd only be able to use the money on Amazon. Which isnt a completely bad idea but may not work for this whole paying debts thing

  • Price List: I have no clue what my art is worth o.o

  • Creation of a ToS for my work: What I'll do and what you should expect. This is important cause CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MAJOR TO ME!

  • More Ideas for this list!

Okay. So PLLLLLEEEAAASEE Spread this and reply. I need suggestions and whatever ya might think will be useful for me at this point =3.
Also please hit me up at the following:

Talliy (Main Account)
DessertGunBunny (Censored Account (No Politics))



Update On the Life And Times - Commissions incoming!


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