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DataBank / 40 / Man-parts / Whidbey Island

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Point out people to follow~

So. 89 crazy people are following me here. Congratulations, you're getting more content out of me here than elsewhere, what with the collections system and all that! You've made a great choice! *sounds horn, fireworks* Cutting to the chase, people as crafty as the likes of you follow some pretty am…

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A reminder

Hey folks! Got a question today that ended up letting me know that some people are using one of my characters' art as their profile photo on some kind of furry dating/hookup site. Cutting to the chase, not me! Honestly the thought that someone would do this had me laughing so hard I hurt myself. I…

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Artist/Client Communication

Over the course of my years commissioning artists, I have come across a variety of mindsets on how people keep their clients in the loop. Some have struck me as more effective, and others... considerably less. From direct e-mails to posting your queue: each method has a purpose, advantages, disadva…