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A reminder by DataBank

Hey folks! Got a question today that ended up letting me know that some people are using one of my characters' art as their profile photo on some kind of furry dating/hookup site. Cutting to the chase, not me!

Honestly the thought that someone would do this had me laughing so hard I hurt myself. I certainly don't think that impersonating me will help someone get any action, particularly as my characters are so recognizable that someone will find me on FA to reply instead of bothering with a site's pay-response system. You'll get better results being honest anyhow, even if you're looking for a fling, people who my name would get you anywhere with are likely to confirm at least, and are likely to know that's not my style.

That said, I kinda feel bad for people who use others' characters/character art. To have the personality they want down, then to not give that character their own form... I think your creation should deserve better.

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