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Danny Dingo / 32 / Male / Hagersville, ON, Canada

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No conventions for me in 2016.

Hey gang! It's with a very heavy heart for me to say this but next year, 2016, I will officially be taking a break from attending conventions, not just for financial reasons, but here's why: basically, my grandmother is not doing well health wise and she may not have much longer to live. And to com…

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Get to know this dingo!

Everybody's doing it, so what the hey! What's your real name? Erich Reinhardt (and yes, I am of German background) How tall are you? 5'11" What's your natural hair colour? Well, when I was younger, I had very blonde hair, but as I grew older, it sort of changed to a light brownish kind of colour. W…

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So here I am!

Hey gang! So, here I finally am on Weasyl. I'm still kind of building my profile, but I'll be using this account to showcase some of my older works plus some occasional new stuff along the way. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think! Also, to all my new followers and friends, I jus…