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Art raffle

curlytailkita is holding an art raffle. See here for details: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/35893/weasyl-exclusive-art-raffle-held-by-myself

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Question time

It's a longstanding tradition for furries to ask each other questions on Tuesday, so let's go for it. Any pressing questions for the tabby? General-rating questions preferred; if you have something more personal to ask, a private message would be better.

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What's your real name? David Names you go by? David How old are you? 28 How old do you feel/act? Younger than I should How tall are you? 5' 7.5" (171 cm) What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Hazel What's your orientation? Straight but curious (don't really expect to act on i…

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Yellow border

Well that's an interesting change from FA: suggestive work gets two different classifications now. Makes sense, I suppose. Some works were hard to classify over there. First journal entry on Weasyl. Hi!