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Enter the May Update! 2021

Sooo, first Blog entry ever using the power of the Posty Birb! So what happened last month and beginning of this? Personal Got a new dayjob, definitely an improvement over the last one. Finding more time for myself and art again already, also feeling better mentally! Also got a new TB3 Laptop from…

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Do you have Twitter?

Yes? Then you got a chance of getting sum FREE ART from me! Check out my Twitter Raffle, ends this Sunday: https://twitter.com/DampfLoque/status/1259124884837404675?s=20

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Telegram Chat and Channel!

Hey! Since Telegram implemented a feature to connect Discussion chats with channels I've started one! It's really cool and I like it so far to connect with others interested in Furry Art. It is not only for artists, trying to be very inclusive and create a healthy environment for exchange. Feel fre…

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Status Update - June 2019

How's it going? I've been super busy the last couple of months with art besides my Day Job, which is kinda taxing and I'm optimizing everything here and there to manage everything. Quick Heads-Up: I am Super Happy to announce that I am in the Afterdark Dealer's Den at EF25! Really am Grateful to ha…

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Hey There, Weasyl old friend!

So, since FA is down, I started to update my Weasyl and Sofurry sites. Damn, this stuff is old. Anyways I uploaded new Paintings and Illustrations. hope you enjoy :)

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Hi There!

Recently discovered how awesome Weasyl became feature-wise and starting to upload my Stuff here. Have to add tons of information and also need to think about what i want to upload, there is also some at my FA "DampfLoque". Stay tuned and have a nice day! ;D