Enter the May Update! 2021 by DampfLoque

Sooo, first Blog entry ever using the power of the Posty Birb! So what happened last month and beginning of this?


Got a new dayjob, definitely an improvement over the last one. Finding more time for myself and art again already, also feeling better mentally! Also got a new TB3 Laptop from a Dutch Clevo retailer called Skikk. Really nice device, the TB3 of the PC50DP works nicely with Lenovo Docks. Everything is pretty much perfect except for the backlight and the fans but that's okay for the price and having it preconfigured with nice stuff like best thermal paste :D Getting a third monitor and the battle station gotta be Endgame :D


As much as I would love to post the seven finished Inked & Colored pieces I've done for the fourth installment of our zine, I cannot since it's unfair for the Indiegogo backers. :) Gotta polish those a bit further and such. But I'm so stoked for the coloured edition.

Personal Comics

I'm in process of inking the 6th page of my Comic "Old Man's Treasure", you can find the first five pages on FA. Also Started inking the first page of my Battle Beast Fancomic! Hope I gotta get to posting at least Page 1 before the hype in the Barasphere is gonna take off real hard x) It's basically a fanfic comic featuring Battle Beast from invincible and Mercenary from Grimoire of Zero. Hope you enjoy x)

Hype of the Month

Oh boi, they really hit home with Invincible! It's a refreshing change from the really watered down experience you get from most animated superhero series. I'm so stoked to see more Battle Beast. As they are pretty close to the comic original with minor changes, I'm really looking forward to how they will adapt the rest of the comic content (which I devoured) in Season 1 and 2 (which is totally announced!.

I gotta have two questions:

- Have any of you already watched invincible season 1? If so, what would you like to see me draw besides Battle Beast? Maybe some of Captain Mustache? XD
- Would you like If I'd start a Support Campaign helping get my comics get colored (faster) after the BW pages are finished? Of course I would never dare to take money/even start the campaign if the Comics/Chapters aren't finished yet in BW at least.

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Enter the May Update! 2021


9 May 2021 at 07:20:02 MDT

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